i always knew you were special!

so sunday, september 23rd marked the FIRST day of fall. (well at least according to the google search i did.) what great news!

things to enjoy:

crisp air

bath and body work’s  Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion

anything pumpkin

…yes lisa…even (nonfat) pumpkin spice lattes from you-know-where


fall decor

warm, yummy smelling houses

gingerbread pancakes

children excited about halloween

and allie!

yes…the first day of fall also was allie’s birthday! o happy day!



2 thoughts on “i always knew you were special!

  1. Awww…thanks! Man…that picture is OLD! Love you bunches!

    P.S. Thanks for the Bath and Body Works Caramel plug-ins! That’s one of my favorite things about fall AND the Mickey pumpkin! Oh…and your gingerbread pancakes – that will be my new favorite thing!

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