i need to get out more.

thanks to jamie for this fun (but sad) activity.

it states that i have been to 25 states…which is 49%. i guess one state i visited didn’t count as a whole state. isn’t 25 half of 50?

create your own visited states map

now here is me as a WORLD traveler…

create your own visited countries map

sad…it even marked alaska…and i’ve never been there! it stated that i have visited 0% of the world. will someone please take me somewhere?


2 thoughts on “i need to get out more.

  1. i’m impressed! so that means going to florida for your 30th birthday is out! (been there…done that. right?) okay…so looks like we’ll have to hit up eurpoe no matter what – do you own a passport? that might be our first item on the to-do list of becoming a world traveler! eurpoe here we come! (with empty pockets! HA)

    love ya! 19 more sleeps!

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