god…please just make it rain.

so as you know…the fires in so cal are out of control. i talked with becky today and they still aren’t sure if their house has been spared. i could not even imagine the feeling. what do you take? what do you leave?

becky and aaron both said they think pondo is ok. but the whole mountain is basically on fire. it’s been a rough day today. your mind can’t help think about the amazing memories…it has to still be there. it has to. i have been checking rimoftheworld.net for the latest updates. i am angered at this:

Firefighters and law enforcement are investigating reports of a possible arsonist between Camp Seely in Valley of Enchantment along Highway 138. According to reports, a witness saw and individual trying to start a fire, then flee. It appears that the individual was unsuccessful in the attempt. Deputies made an arrest at Highway 173 and Los Flores Ranch near Silverwood Lake at 9:19 PM.

my eyes fill up every time i think…why doesn’t god just make it rain? why?


One thought on “god…please just make it rain.

  1. I got evacuated due to the San Diego fires. This lady on the radio was saying she had just seen someone throw their cigarette out of their car window! People don’t think!

    I JUST heard on news that I can go home! Yippee!

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