a little bit of better news…

according to the rimoftheworld.net website:

05:04 PM Source: eyewitness
Direct eye witness: green valley lake road major stand took place today to save the calvary chapel camp and camp cedar crest. Both camps have been saved thanks to the work of firefighters. Estimated 12 engines and two dozers responded and were able to save both camps.

if you are familiar with the geography of the mountain…camp ceder crest is the camp that borders pondo…and calvary chapel is a mile down the road. we are still unsure of dan and becky’s house.


One thought on “a little bit of better news…

  1. Amanda,

    I didn’t even realize that there was fire up that way as well. I hope that everybody is ok. You talked to Becky? They had to evacuate and they don’t know what’s going on? How absolutely overwhelming. I will be praying for them – if you talk to them let them know.
    Love ya

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