where is the time going?

wow it’s almost wednesday. and almost thanksgiving. wow.

a few things i love about my life right now:

1.  report cards and parent teacher conferences just happened and i sat back and waved.

2.  matt and allie live a hop, skip and a jump away. HOORAY! 

3.  we just had dinner with our pastor jake and vanessa…and they like hanging out with us. 

4.  san fran is a couple hours away. have you been there? wow it’s awesome.

5. i am going on a field trip to the raptor center this week. do you know anything about raptors?

6. monday is a holiday from school.

7. saturday is “second saturday” in downtown. 

8. a teacher friend from houston called me tonight to tell me she missed me. it’s nice to be missed. 

now things i don’t really like about my life right now and i’m ready to change: 

1. my bet with allie about who will lose more weight before christmas. i am losing and i hate it.

2. i can’t get to bed before 11.

3.  i’ve been too busy to work out.

4. there are first graders who type at a faster wpm than i do. argh… what is this home row business?  

well, there are more deposits than withdrawals in my life account…so all in all…life is good!  


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