gobble gobble rob bell.

we saw rob bell last night for the gods aren’t angry tour.some things i thought about the night: #1 it was in san fran. love it. #2 we got some sweet hang time with good people. #3 it was awesome that jasen didn’t have to drive in the late night. #4 my butt was super uncomfortable…but rob passed the time well. #5 rob said some really interesting things that i wished more people could have heard. #6 it didn’t matter how long we stayed out because i took today off.

now on to gobbling…do you have a place to go for thanksgiving? if you don’t let us know. we would love to have you. our somewhat full house is not somewhat so full. we have room…come on over! seriously…if you have no place to go…we want you here.

so i have to send out apologizes for my last post. somehow it made jasen sweat more than usual. i am not ready for babies. i just like things that are miniature. who knew it would cause so much controversy.

jasen and i made a very adult purchase this weekend. we got a buffet from crate and barrel. doesn’t that sound grown up?


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