a little more turkey for everyone


so jasen, matt, allie and i all decided to sign up for sacramento’s annual run to feed the hungry on thanksgiving. i say we all decided…but i may have begged a little. but just a little.

i am so excited. not only are we getting some exercise, but also doing a little something for someone else. we all decided to do the 5K. you know you gotta take it slow. Nike+ has totally changed the way i jog…i can’t wait to see what it does for the race.we don’t have to take donations…but if you are interested you can pledge on my page.

Important Facts· For every $1 donated to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, $10 of product or service is returned to the community at no charge. · Of our total revenues, 52% comes from individuals, 27% comes from the business community and grants, and 15% comes from special events. · Over 93% of our funding comes from Sacramentans. One hundred percent (100%) of our products and services stay in our local community. · Over 95% of our work force is comprised of volunteers. · Food distributed by Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services helps children, seniors, battered women, the homeless, the disabled, the unemployed and the working poor. 


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