god bless sjp

if you are NOT caught up with project runway…do not continue. spoiler alert. 

so jasen and i finally caught ourselves up with the newest season of project runway. it’s really good. really, really good.

anyhow…the  recent episode was having the designers add an addition to sarah jessica parker’s new line bitten. the winning dress…FABULOUS. i want to get my grubby little hands on one.


however ANYTHING from her fall/winter line…to die for.

sjp manifesto:


taken from the bitten website:

BITTEN is the first-ever apparel line launched by actress and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, sold exclusively at Steve & Barry’s stores nationwide. Sarah Jessica, along with a team of Steve & Barry’s designers, created a collection of high quality, affordable sportswear for women of all ages and sizes. Every piece in the line is priced at $19.98 and less, an extraordinary value for the quality and breadth of the merchandise offered. As Sarah Jessica says, “Fashion is not a luxury, it’s a right.”  

you can find her line at any steve and barry’s store.

sweet. i am a sucker for awesome looking CHEAP clothes.


5 thoughts on “god bless sjp

  1. Sam! I’ve been saving the episodes (all 2 of them) so my sister can watch them when she comes to visit – you can come over any time. Maybe when our hubbies are working?? Call me!!

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