so long christmas pjs.

since september i have been wearing either pumpkin or christmas pj pants. now that fall and christmas have gone…now what?

i could not remember the time before the holiday pants. and when i looked in my drawer…well i could not find anything else. so what did i do you ask? i hit up the semi annual sale at victoria secret! let me tell you… nothing is better than my pair of “boyfriend sweats.” and i found a pair without the sprawling word PINK on my bum.

double bonus.  


One thought on “so long christmas pjs.

  1. I applaud you for finding what was probably the only pair without a sprawling pink on the bum.

    nothin’ like seeing a 14 year old walking down the street with pink on her arse to make you wonder what crap my kid will have displayed on her butt in 10 years.

    Oh and go see Juno. FUNNY. Great soundtrack. unfortunately no real moral message, though…

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