is it a time for change?

first…in case you were wondering…i am on track for 500 miles. 10 miles or so down.

however tonight i went to go get a few miles on the treadmill and after 2 attempts here i am at home at 9:08 PM waiting for the stupid workout center to clear out. i’ve lived here 3 months and now everyone is slamming the place. so i may be out of luck tonight. but i will go and give it one more try. i hope it stops raining soon. outside running is so much better.

so saturday is the day to color my old mop. i was thinking about maybe moving a little fashion forward and maybe getting it cut. you know stylish. i’ve let it grow out for so long…and i am really attached. more than literally.

here is a pic i found…we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “is it a time for change?

  1. oooh I love it! Of course it is almost exactly the cut I am going for when I finally get my but back to the salon. I have never gone so long before!

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