find your spot

thanks lisa for this fun quiz.

however i don’t know how accurate it was:

here is the top 12 spots (based on my criteria) on where i should be living:

1. Providence, Rhode Island
2. Hartford, Connecticut
3. New Haven, Connecticut
4. Bergen-Passaic, New Jersey (This is where my mom lives. Not like i wouldn’t want to live near her…but NOT there. YIKES)
5. Chicago, Illinois
6. Baltimore, Maryland
7. Detroit, Michigan
8. Portland, Oregon
9. Worcester, Massachusetts
10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
12. Cleveland, Ohio

wow. i don’t know whether to be depressed or laugh out loud. i wonder if it had to do with my clicking “no preference” to more than half the questions.


find your top spot here. i hope you have better luck than me.


3 thoughts on “find your spot

  1. Oddly your list is pretty similar to mine. I also got Detroit. Although Chicago didnt make it. Bummer. I suspect I might like Chicago.
    So maybe I’ll see and you and Jasen in Providence then? or Hartford? Or New Haven?

  2. Hey Amanda, I followed your link on my website, and found my way to your website.
    I was curious about the whole find your spot thing, so I took the quiz and found that I should live in Hawaii, Santa Monica, or Portland. All good places, which coincidentally get 0 inches of snow. Snow is bad. BOO TO SNOW.

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