my hearts

happy (almost) love month. not that you need only 1 month (or day for that matter) for love…


the kids get so excited about valentine’s day. i guess when you mix sweets and a party…who would not get excited?  so i have been thinking about a new blog project for myself. in february i am going to try and think of one thing i heart everyday. you know the things in life which make each day a little better.

**disclaimer…i have decided not to heart the obvious this month. for example…my husband, my family, friends, and Jesus. those people should know i heart them.

so if you are reading this blog:

i heart (insert your name here).


0 thoughts on “my hearts

  1. do the people on the list that already know you heart them include perez hilton? if not, i think one of your days should be “i heart perez hilton day”. :o)

    love ya!!

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