i heart toilet seat covers


when you lived in a state which didn’t value toilet safety…you realize how important these wonderful things are.

when i think of all the valuable time i have wasted ripping off little pieces of toilet paper to make my “make shift” cover…well now i’m grateful.

thank you california.


7 thoughts on “i heart toilet seat covers

  1. Girl. Ok a few things—1-thanks for the book on nose ring care. I havent taken it out yet. And next time Im at TJs I’ll look for that soap. My regime is as follows:
    make paste of water and aspirin, apply to nose, wait to dry, wash off, soak in salt water, clean with H2O2, top off with tea tree oil…see how labor intensive?

    and thing 2–you California people and your waaahs about this toilet seat cover business!
    The fact is you just dont sit on public toilets. Growing up in Texas, your mama says to you, “honey dont sit down. Hover above.”
    These are words to live by. Why?
    Because in Asia they dont provide toilet seat covers. And in India they dont even provide toilets!

  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    We are an import&export company in Iran with about 10 years experiences in HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS and interested to cooperate with you in selling TOILET SEAT COVER. It would be appreciated if you tell us your opinion about collaboration and give us your distributer price list.

    Thank you for an early reply.
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    • We are DanDong GuangDa Paper Manufacture Co.,Ltd. in China. We are specialized in the toilet seat cover paper.

      The paper size of the product is : 425*360mm, 1 ply, and the weight is 14g/m2,
      The packing is: 1/2 fold, 250pcs/pack x 20 pack/carton;
      1/4 fold, 200pcs/pack x 25 pack/carton
      Our products not only have a good quality but also have a low price.

      TEL: 0086-0415-8270111
      FAX: 0086-0415-8270111

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