best yet…and getting stronger

i HAVE to share something so important with you…but first, let me give you the back story.

i have been jogging for almost a year now…and with anything that you do for an extended period of time you tend to get better. since moving to sacramento, the only outside jogging i have done has been around capitol park. which is beautiful. it’s a little over a mile but after the 3rd time around i am in need for a change. but i wasn’t sure where to go that wasn’t too far from my house.

so what do i do? i ask the marathon mom in my class. and what does she do? ask me to join her for a saturday morning jog on the lake path.

all day thursday and friday i was a wreak. this mom was going to run circles around me. but how do you get better unless you join up with the best! it truly was the time of my life. even though i am pretty sure she didn’t break a sweat.

here is my results:



3 thoughts on “best yet…and getting stronger

  1. Girl!
    You be rockin’ it!
    When I come to Sac will you run with me?

    PS how do you get that band thing to stay?
    Mine now just looks like some lameo attempt at posting my time. I swear it worked yesterday!

  2. dear super woman,

    so…um…i would agree (somewhat) that with time you get better at things… however…it’s not fair that you’re super woman and can FLY while running (hence the incredible pace)! ha!

    congrats – oh and no more “i can’t run a half marathon”!! you ran 7.41 miles in an HOUR! i’m signing you up for may 3rd!!

    love you!

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