spring break :: monday edition


today is the first day of spring break. how refreshing. jasen an i rolled out of bed and after a quick scrub of the face we were out the door and headed to temple.

so here i am living it up with a nonfat mocha and a cinnamon blackberry scone. y.u.m.m.y.

i am not really sure what is on the agenda for break. i have 2 weeks off if you can believe it. however…since i am paid hourly…thats 2 weeks off with out pay. so jasen and i are going to have to cut back on a few things but it will be good for us. scrubbing your house from top to bottom is free. yippie!

so a few things have been going on in life that i haven’t shared yet…here are a few highlights:

1. ever since i ran with marathon mom…i have improved my running about 100% percent. i have gone from running about 3ish miles to running at least 7ish miles in one sitting. or running…whatever.

a. mile mile pace has really stayed strong. i haven’t uploaded my latest run (which i will)
but i kept a 8.17 mph pace for 8.10 miles. i am stoked on that.

2. jasen and i have been going to del norte about 4ish times a week. i have been working with a trainer once a week and jasen has began to become the next andy roddick ( i had no idea who that was…i had to google “famous tennis people”)

3. i started weight watchers. i know i know…it’s a little lame. but i needed the accountability of something. i started on february 12th and i have lost 5 pounds so far. not too bad. if i can continue it till my birthday…watch out.

4. i was offered a new job for nest year teaching 4th grade. it’s very exciting.

well…that is all for now. i hope your monday is treating you well.


One thought on “spring break :: monday edition

  1. wow! you have been up to alot lately! We are still great for Tuesday if you guys are. We can do it early and BBQ (for real this time) and catch up!

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