violet 4:11

starting at 4:15 am (pacific time) tuesday, april 29th you can download coldplay’s new single violet 4:11 for FREE!

hurry you only have a week!


the result::wall banging

i am not in love with our neighbors. i know that’s so unbiblical.

we have had to call security 4 out of the 6 days we have been home. it’s a constant thumping, bumping nerve wracking noise. it’s frustrating to the point of tears and extreme anger. we tried being civil and humane but it fell short. they have shown no compassion our concern for their unnecessary vibrations. seriously….who can watch jumanji 24/7? so now all direct contact is avoided and we have resulted to forcefully banging on the wall.

even if we were able to be released from our lease…i am not up moving to move again. we have been in communication with a relator to start the process for homeownership. we found out today we will not be able to have the final approval for a loan until after my first paycheck in september. that was not welcoming news. so those plans are on hold.

i hope we are able to figure out an arrangement. i was telling jasen tonight that i feel so disconnected from our place. it doesn’t feel like home anymore. it is hard to not feel comfortable or happy in your place. hopefully some peace will be found soon.

spring fever

i have something wrong with me.

i know…shocking!!

everyone says it’s allergies…but i don’t know. all i know is i am forming small blisters under my nose from the all the blowing from the sneezes i have.

i sound like a very out of shape person walking up the stairs with all the panting and wheezing. and all i am doing is sitting.

but do i am compassion for jasen’s 30 sneezes in a row from the time he gets out of bed till he walks to the shower?

oh no.


goal:: more accomplished

we rolled into houston last night and all we could think about was pappasitos. (check out the wed blog for more updates.)

however today…i had one thing in mind. running…and running fast. last summer i posted this. my goal was to run the entire distance around rice university…and i did a pretty good job. 9 months later i was able to jog twice around!

my stats to compare:

on 07.26.07

4.18 miles
37ish minutes
8:45 pace

on 04.11.08

6.6 miles
53’44” minutes
8:05 pace

idol gives back

i know i know…we are those people. we DO watch american idol. tonight was great…it is basically a teleathon to help raise money and awareness for children around the world and here in the united states who are in need. brad pitt made a cameo…nuff said.

however…they ended the show with the remaining 8 contestants singing “shout to the lord.” yes the song…”shout to the lord all the earth let us sing…” 

i thought it was SO interesting. did you catch it?

the bloody sock

i think the word bloody is gross. however…when i was sorting laundry i noticed a couple of my socks with big blood stains. 


now that is hard core if i do say so myself.