idol gives back

i know i know…we are those people. we DO watch american idol. tonight was great…it is basically a teleathon to help raise money and awareness for children around the world and here in the united states who are in need. brad pitt made a cameo…nuff said.

however…they ended the show with the remaining 8 contestants singing “shout to the lord.” yes the song…”shout to the lord all the earth let us sing…” 

i thought it was SO interesting. did you catch it?


2 thoughts on “idol gives back

  1. Hey,
    I’ve never checked your blog until today and yes, it was awesome to hear shout to the LORD!!!

    We missed it on Wednesday, but we heard it on Thursday. I also heard from someone who knows the voice coach for American Idol, that 1,000’s of people called in because when they sang it on Wednesday they muffled over the word LORD and asked that the song be sung again on Thursday. P.T.Lord!!! 🙂

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