the result::wall banging

i am not in love with our neighbors. i know that’s so unbiblical.

we have had to call security 4 out of the 6 days we have been home. it’s a constant thumping, bumping nerve wracking noise. it’s frustrating to the point of tears and extreme anger. we tried being civil and humane but it fell short. they have shown no compassion our concern for their unnecessary vibrations. seriously….who can watch jumanji 24/7? so now all direct contact is avoided and we have resulted to forcefully banging on the wall.

even if we were able to be released from our lease…i am not up moving to move again. we have been in communication with a relator to start the process for homeownership. we found out today we will not be able to have the final approval for a loan until after my first paycheck in september. that was not welcoming news. so those plans are on hold.

i hope we are able to figure out an arrangement. i was telling jasen tonight that i feel so disconnected from our place. it doesn’t feel like home anymore. it is hard to not feel comfortable or happy in your place. hopefully some peace will be found soon.


3 thoughts on “the result::wall banging

  1. i propose you move into our apartments – you have at least 5 months before you can move into a house right? i think that sounds like a swell idea! we’ll just arrange for a moving crew!! oh and if you move in and say that we recommended you, you get $300 – that would be some fun birthday spending cash!!!

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