here i am!

i am pretty sure no one may read this any more. we have 11 days left of school so that should explain where i have been these last few weeks.

i have had a minor hiccup with my nike+ this month. i had to replace my ipod and nike+ sensor! i am still not too sure what happened…but apple was nice enough to replace it all for free, and jasen has been nice enough to let me borrow his ipod and sensor. the lack of tracking my running and 3 digit temperatures have me feeling May will not be my best month for running. however…i received an email from nike saying i am a member of the 500 miles club. ( i have run a total of 500 miles since i started last april!)

but more on that later…

i hope all is well with everyone…after a couple of weeks i plan to keep up a little better. also…i have been thinking about starting a facebook account. but am i too old for that?


2 thoughts on “here i am!

  1. of course not!! there are so many people to keep in touch with – AND it doesn’t require talking to them on the phone!! you just post to them and check out all their cute pictures!! DO IT!!!

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