american idol

i know i know! i can’t believe i made it through the whole season either. it is thursday ( a day after the results) and we made it through the whole day without hearing or seeing the results. but if i hear one more person tell me “well you know…david wins” my head will explode. it was funny when allie said it last night. it was not funny when the 1 millionth person said it tonight. i get the joke.

anyway…after watching the american idol “reunion” show tonight…it made me still wish that michael johns won.

well there is still hope for that job at rock harbor. 


3 thoughts on “american idol

  1. thanks :o) i’m glad i could be witty for you.

    i 100% agree with you about michael johns – i re-watched it again last night with matt and when he sings that “summer of ’69” song…he sounded JUST like the original. oh…and what was with carly’s black leggings the whole night…and your bff (christie lee) taking all the solos in the girl’s songs?? LAME!!

    i did think jack black was hilarious and the guitar hero commercials were funny and carrie underwood’s outfit was fabulous (that beeatch)!!

  2. I just got a pair of Nikes. I wish I had a nano to be cool like you and j and log my miles. I just took on a new challenge. 100 miles in a month. I started Friday, we’ll see how it goes!

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