ugh…stay at home moms

i wish i were one. without the kid part.

i’m feeling so jealous of people who write 2+ posts a day on their blog. one post a day is more than me!

i want to stay at home and be witty. i have at least 3 very funny moms that write blogs each day. and i am jealous of their sweat pant wearing, cleaver selves. 

any how. school ended tuesday. now it’s time to pack up and move over to the new building. then monday marks the first day of SCDS summer camp. 7:15 am start time here i come. it seems way too early for summer.



3 thoughts on “ugh…stay at home moms

  1. I give huge props to teachers – and thank you for saying it right, a stay at home mom with out the kids would be ideal – believe me its not easy, the Duggers sure make it look easy though – A mom of four very opinionated kids – AGH!

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