fight the fat :: i am not a cheater

today is day 11 in the south beach diet. i am 4.2 pounds down. it is frustrating when you don’t have too much to go…and those extra doughnuts just wont come off my rear. you know what i am saying?

they say you shouldn’t do phase 1 for more than 14 days. i say, “praise jesus!” i have gone 11 LONG days without fruit. you know how hard that is in the summer? next week i plan to hit up the farmer’s market for some fresh strawberries. i can not wait. besides peanut butter…it’s my favorite thing in the world.

like i have said, i dislike eggs. i dislike eggs badly. so every morning i blend all the ingredients together in my magic bullet:

2 tablespoons protein powder

1/2 cup fat free greek yogurt from trader joes

1/2 cup fat free organic skim milk

2 splenda packets

dash of cinnamon

this is what has got me through the mornings. notice there are no eggs. boo to eggs.

i also found this yummy low carb peanut butter cookie recipe. (i had jasen try them…and he ate more than me…if you can believe that. peanut butter and i are BFF.)

1 cup all natural peanut butter (i by it from whole foods in the milk and yogurt section…delish)

1 cup splenda (that is 24 packets)

1 egg

mix and bake at 350 degrees for 9-10 minutes. i like to under bake so they are nice and soft.

today jasen and i went to panera and i was dying for a cinnamon crunch bagel. i passed and i am so proud. because i really wanted one…and i still do.


2 thoughts on “fight the fat :: i am not a cheater

  1. I totally hear you on working hard and not seeing results. I’m taking this moment to tell you how awesome you are for even caring and doing something about your health. It’s hard! I’m tired of tracking and measuring and I love PB too!

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