thanks to the tag from allie. here are my answers. sorry it took me so long.


Things under $5 that I couldn’t live without:

-sugar free/skim milk vanilla latte


-mocha from temple

-orbitz gum



Favorite Movies:

-so i married an axe murder

-never been kissed

-school of rock

-batman::the dark knight

-ocean’s 11


Baby Names I Love 







Songs I could listen to over and over again (until I get sick of them):

-i’m yours- jason maraz

-heart of life- john mayer

-4 minutes- madonna and justin timberlake

-don’t stop the music- rihanna

-sunshine- matt costa


Books I Love (In no particular order):

-the nanny diaries


-the glass castle

-the bible

-changes that heal


People who have influenced me in a positive way (plus explanations!):

-jasen. if you really know both of us…you will realize we have several differences. he’s patient…i’m anxious. he’s calm…i’m stressed. we’re a good team.

-i think each one of my family members have influenced my life in some way. this space is for all of them.

-mrs. lawrence. she was an amazing influence during the most influential years of my life.

-becky skipper. she reminds me i don’t have to be perfect and loves me anyway.

– cindy gough. she is an amazing mentor teacher and principal. i miss her the most in my life.


Things that are always in my purse:




-my iphone



Moments that changed my life forever:

-september 10, 2005

-graduating college

-moving to sacramento. i love it here.

-challenging myself to run 500 miles in a year. 


Obsessions I currently have:


-body pump


-my iphone

-planning the space in my new house


Places I would like to go:






-my new house


Appliances or kitchen tools I couldn’t live without (figuratively speaking):

-dishwasher (jasen are you reading this?)

-the magic bullet

-water purifier

-coffee maker

-coffee grinder


People whose top 5’s I would like to see (If they haven’t already):

-i have no idea. 



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