no news is bad news.

we signed all our papers to buy our house last week. LAST WEEK! however…we kept getting the run around about our keys. come to find out…the property line on our house was split illegally. the seller filed out all this paperwork to split the property, but then somehow missed a step which was found by our title company.

we found out yesterday that this “small” step could take up to 60 DAYS to be completed. as of today…we have 13 days to move out of our apartment. if you do the math…you come up with what i did:


however the good people at my school stepped up into action and within 5 minutes…had a place for us to stay until needed. its pretty amazing.

another option we are exploring is that we will rent our house from the seller until the paperwork is finalized. in the mean time…we will have to apply for a NEW loan…and start the process again. and the seller could decide to bail. it’s possible.

i feel so sad. so tired. so frustrated. i have been walking around with those strong anxious feelings that make you feel like you are going to throw up. everyone has been kind to offer support. but i don’t think i wanna hear, “it will all work out the was it’s supposed to” again. i know it. but it’s not what you wanna hear…even if you already know its true.


4 thoughts on “no news is bad news.

  1. Hey Guys,Its your long lost Mom.Email that is.I thought I would suprise you. You both are in my prayers,not yesterday or today but always. You both know god has a hand in all of this.We just have to remember to wait on him. I know its had . I should know. But one thing I have always keep in my heart is he is always there.Maybe not at our timing but his. I love you both and am praying for gods will for on your new home. Oh ! One thing ( grandchildren ). I know your time and gods. I make sure I put that extra pray to him. Lol !
    Love, Mom

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