run to 500+500 :: december edition and run down

achilles tendonitis, what?

i was down for days 1-10 this month. so i had to finish 90.61 miles in 21 days. thanks to a walking/jog pace, ankle brace and of course my fabulous husband, jasen…i did it!


98.1 miles!

grand total: 1007.49 miles for the year!


here i am celebrating my last run…the 1,007th mile! (well miles recorded!)

after 4 pairs of shoes, 5 run mixes, 2 ipods and a partridge in a pear tree…here is a month by month recap of miles:

jan total :: 52.29 miles

feb total :: 57.59 miles

mar total :: 111.03 miles

april total :: 99.77 miles

may total :: 59 miles (this is month my ipod broke and i missed over half the month.)

june total :: 115.11 miles

july total :: 103.89 miles

aug :: 97.02 miles

sep :: 65.35 miles

oct :: 60.87 miles

nov :: 87.47 miles

dec :: 98.1 miles

that’s it for 2008…what’s next for 2009? marathon?



I know! I’m a hard core runner!

Today was a running first. Jasen and I got up at 6 am (est) in the pitch black to run 5 miles!! Since we have only been in north Carolina 1 day that is still 3 am to us!

With 4 days left I am 18ish miles away from my new years resolution. So I am going to get this done. By any means necessary. Ankle has been holding up and my mph has reflected that. I am just glad to be running the entire distance again instead of this walk/run thing I had going on.

Wish me luck!!

50 miles to go!

jasen found a cool tab on nike+ giving your stats thus far for 2008. here are mine.

being injured in the last month has been really difficult. i have missed over a week worth of running…and i don’t want to be stressed about it during christmas. however…now that i am on “vacation” i will have more time to catch up. positive thoughts for a totally healed ankle. 10 days = 5 miles a day!

achilles tendonitis

after i could bare the pain no more…i finally went to the doctor. i waited because i didn’t want her to tell me to stop running…and i didn’t want her to yell at me for running even when i felt pain.

but i couldn’t even walk up the stairs.

so i went. and she gave me a cross look for running and asked me the obvious question, “do you know the FIRST thing you did wrong?”.

so after an exam and several photos in xray, she came up with:

achilles tendonitis

minor inflammation i guess to the tendon. i guess it could be worse. i could have my leg pried open with forks like this poor person:

so now i am on “bed rest” for 5-7 days which will put me behind in my running schedule. ah…such is life.

run to 500+500 :: november edition

1 more month to go…and my legs, knees and ankles are feeling it. i have been working hard trying to get these miles down. i am proud to say that for the majority of november i stayed away from the crumby treadmill. one day i even braved the rain and felt like a true athlete.

this month i enjoyed my second race of all time. i ran the 10k “run to feed the hungry” with jasen, matt and allie. great times. however…running the 10K was more challenging and not because it was twice as long. it felt really competitive and people were cutting you off and such. it has a totally different feel. but nonetheless…it was a proud accomplishment. my first 10K in the books.

since the race i have been doubting the accuracy of nike+. i know! can you believe it?! my results from nike+ were off by a whole kilometer. however…i have put in a whole mess of extra miles when my ipod wasn’t working…so i figured by that count…i should still be right on pace. but i was thinking if i wanted to run other races…i need to make sure i am training correctly. so i am asking for this for christmas:

it is the garmin Forerunner 305 Personal Trainer w/Heart Rate Monitor. it is a watch about the size of my fist…but pretty sweet.

so for november:

87.47 miles

grand total: 909.39 miles with 90.61 miles to go in 31 days. that is 2.92290322581 miles a day.