gifted at their craft

sometimes i wonder…what am i really good at? you know REALLY, REALLY good at. i guess it varies according to the day. or mood.

however David Bergman is gifted in his craft. if you have a moment you should take a look. if you don’t have a moment at least look at this…

He writes:

“My final photo is made up of 220 Canon G10 images and the file is 59,783 X 24,658 pixels or 1,474 megapixels. It took more than six and a half hours for the Gigapan software to put together all of the images on my Macbook Pro and the completed TIF file is almost 2 gigabytes.”

or you can got the local route…which i prefer… and book jackie.


One thought on “gifted at their craft

  1. Yup. Jackie is the way to go!
    Here’s something you are REALLY REALLY good at… keeping yourself disciplined – that running last year… WOW. That is definitely not something a lot of people can do. 🙂

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