25 things or maybe 26.

thanks facebook.

here it goes…please don’t judge.

1. i want more than anything to be called a runner. you know, “oh! have you met my friend amanda? she’s a runner.” you know that kind of thing.
2. i HATE forward emails. unless someone i know, knows that i hate them and sends me one…then i will read it from them because i know it will be good it. but please…don’t send me them.
3. works out 5-6 times a week. you think i would be a size 2 by now.
4. wants to learn how to wear high heels like the big girls.
5. eats chick.fil.a at least once a week…and gets the same exact thing every time.
6. is very annoyed by people’s bodily noises. obsessive coughing, clearing your throat, sniffing (that’s the worst) smacking your food and biting your fork.
7. i enjoy the sound of people blowing their nose. it means they wont be sniffing any longer.
8. i try way too hard to be perfect. whatever perfect means.
9. i don’t know if i’ll ever be ready for kids of my own. i like them…just not everyday.
10. i am a seasonal decorator. i love to buy things that are thematic and cute. i have a hard time with easter and spring…not to fond of pastel colors.
11. i shop at target twice a week. usually to find out if there is any seasonal decoration to be bought.
12. i am obsessed with having clean floors. i sleep with a sweeper by my bed in case of a midnight dust bunny emergency.
13. i am clinically diagnosed with mild ocd. which will explain #3, #6, #8, #10, #11, #12, #14, #20
14. i wear make up everyday regardless of where i am going.
15. i hate to be corrected. not on big “life” stuff…like if i had a drinking or gambling problem, but the small stuff like writing the wrong too or two.
16. i am not a good reader. i mispronounce things all the time and blame it on poor eyesight.
17. i don’t like the unknown.
18. i have social anxiety, which makes it hard to make friends and keep them. especially when large groups are involved.
19. I really want to spend a lot of money on a designer purse.
20. i’m addicted to iphone tetris.
21. i feel bad if i don’t cook a home. but the bottom line…eating out tastes way better.
22. i am going to train for a marathon soon. or maybe i should shoot for a half marathon.
23. i don’t like it when kids think they are smarter than adults. some might be…i just don’t like it when they think they are.
24. i always get talked into spending way to much money on hair or facial products.
25. i’m married to the best partner i think is out there. he’s wrong when i’m right and wrong when he’s right.
26. it’s hard for me to be nice to people who are annoying.


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