on to better topics…

maybe when i become a mom some day i can sit at home and blog…not like that is slap to mom’s who blog…cause i think moms who are home and blog are cool. they write important stuff about the world and how interesting, creative and delicious they made their children’s lunches out of green beans, salt, left over turkey and a shovel, all while folding laundry, washing the dog, car, kid, 5 mile run, and balancing their checkbook. so moms are amazing…stay at home or working. now throw a blogging mom in there and whew…

how do blogging moms get so many people to read their blog? is it because they blog everyday? say something interesting? are they funny? talk about other mom stuff? i am a pretty funny person, i have occasional funny stories about the kids in my class…my wacky life and thoughts…so should it matter who reads it? i think things are important too…god, politics, the environment…but it’s not really me to be so serious…is that hindering my likability? should it matter? do you have a suggestion?

anyway…enough about me and my blogging insecurities. on to better topics…isn’t my blog design amazing!! i read this random blog (from a cool mom, of course) called make and takes. she always has cute ideas and suggestions…which is where i found out about sherbet bloom designs. she also is a mom who blogs and runs this amazing business…and look what she did for me! you need to check her out if you are looking for a new design. i HIGHLY recommend her.

so i have decided to pay a little respect to some moms who blog. you should check out their sites…and let me know if there is someone you think i need to add! especially if they are a runner!

hannah :: sherbet blossom design
marie :: make and takes
the bargin shopper lady


3 thoughts on “on to better topics…

  1. you’re going to be one of those HOT moms πŸ™‚
    (and yeah, in order to blog, at least I have to drop a lot of the “other stuff”- like tv- usually tv. i read, blog, run, research and catch a little tv here and there (you know, wherever I can find stewart and colbert, the office or 30 rock).
    and the other piece of it? once you have kids it’s harder to talk on the phone- i NEVER talk on the phone anymore. and you have to keep grandparents feeling like they aren’t missing too much- hence, all the photos and silly, tiny, seemingly tedious stories on my blog πŸ™‚ but, it’s all out of love for those so far away.
    love your blog. very, very cute. (i kind of want to eat it.)
    thanks for the shout out.
    and holy-house-mess! i tried to comment but got distracted—must have been a kid πŸ™‚ madness!
    robyn aka beckley

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