new shoes and a race (in the works)

i read this the other day:

i am hoping to hear for them this week…hopefully good news!

today i went to fleet feet to buy some new running shoes and spend some gift cards. if you have never been to fleet feet…you need to! they talk to you about different shoes, measure your feet and watch you walk and run to see what shoes are best for you. i found out my feet “overpronate.”

Pronation is the inward (medial) roll of the foot and in particular the heel and arch which occurs naturally at the heel strike as a cushioning mechanism.

Overpronation is when the feet roll inward too much.

Supination, also known as underpronation, is the opposite to pronation where the feet don’t roll inward enough. Wearing the wrong type of shoe will lead to painful shins and joints, or even injury.


i also found out that my left foot is bigger than my right, and i have been wearing the wrong size running shoe. i have been wearing a 7.5 (which is what my foot measures at) and i need to be wearing an 8.5! i guess long workouts cause your feet to swell, so you need room to allow for that. who knew?

fleet feet, that’s who!

so i ended up with these beauties: (after wearing nikes for 2+ years!)



One thought on “new shoes and a race (in the works)

  1. we have a road runner in san diego. sounds like the same kind of store. they also told me to buy my shoes a half to full size bigger and after running in asics for so long, I moved into nikes. i really liked the asics though. happy running!

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