pictures i like being in…

so i decided that i don’t really care for people “tagging” me in facebook photos. it’s seems as though i am always “looking my best” in those photos. ewwww.

anyhoo…i did find a picture i do enjoy being in…one where my face is not exposed but…well you can see for yourself. 


this picture was from a blog i follow called sherbet blossom. she is an amazing designer and helped with the design of my blog.


3 thoughts on “pictures i like being in…

  1. i’m confused. you don’t like to be tagged because you’re always “looking your best”?? and does that picture mean that you’re getting more fancy things done to your blog or was that an old picture??

    • sorry…didn’t mean to be confusing…the “looking my best” in quotes means i usually don’t like the pictures i am tagged in. i like to approve those pictures before being sent off to cyber space. the picture was taken before my blog was updated. i am done with the fancy stuff…

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