i’ve been away….

so i posted illusively on my facebook that i have been too embarrassed to actually say what i’ve been up to the past 4ish days.

i’ve been with vampires.

it’s true. i have been sucked into the world of edward and bella in the ever so addicting twlight series. say what?! you say.


i know…i don’t believe myself either. each book in the series is approximately 500 pages and i breezed through 2.5 books in 4ish days…not like me at all. i was starting to worry about myself…wondering how a 30 year old woman could be so intrigued by these books…but i tell you this…they are addicting…i even went and bought the movie and watched it twice.

then i REALLY started to think something was wrong with me. after talking with an adult friend…i hear women older than i are having twlight movie and book parties and having serious discussions about all drama laced within the pages…

i feel better…for now.


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