last minute race questions i ask myself…

here are some questions i have thought today about the race on sunday. i know for a fact that i probably should have already had them answered.

1. can i finish without crying?
2. what type of underwear should i be wearing?
3. what happens if i have to pee really bad and can’t make myself stop running?
4. why didn’t i train with “the goo?”
5. should i listen to twilight on tape or make a run mix?
6. why didn’t i do a better job training with hills?
7. what should i eat for breakfast that won’t make me sick or go #2?
8. how can i run so long so early in the morning?
9. how can i get rid of the triangle tan lines in my elbow pits?

so if i don’t have the answers before this race…at least i will know for next time.


One thought on “last minute race questions i ask myself…

  1. I’m hoping I can help with some answers.

    1. No. And it’s okay. You deserve some tears after such a great accomplishment and some pain.
    2. What kind of undies do you train in? Granny panties, for sure.
    3. If you have to pee that bad AND you won’t stop, I guess there’s only one answer. Go in your granny panties.
    4. The goo is gross. You’ll do fine without it. But drink the gatorade.
    5. It’s proven that runners who don’t listen to anything run better times. If the research doesn’t persuade you, make a mix. Although, I have no idea what Twilight is about except vampires.
    6. Sorry, outta luck on this one.
    7. Toast with peanut butter and a little OJ. Light, protein, carbs…can’t go wrong.
    8. Your adrenaline will get you pumping. You might even have a hard time sleeping the night before.
    9. Why do you have triangle tan lines in your pits? Oh, elbow pits 🙂 Put sunblock on your entire body except the triangles.

    Best wishes for an awesome race!

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