poisonous fruit


i finally finished the 3rd book in the twilight series titled, eclipse. very good. all-in-all i read 3 books, approximately 1,500ish pages in about 6 days. i probably would have finished them faster if i didn’t have life going on around me. (easter, jasen’s family visiting, work, and training.)

i hear this last book, breaking dawn is amazing. maybe the best book out of the four. however…i have spent the last two days avoiding picking it up. i can’t decide if it’s because i don’t want the story to end…or i realize how out of touch with reality i have been. i have been in a twilight haze for a week now…and maybe my subconscious (or jasen) is telling me to come back. whatever it is…it’s like i have this poisonous fruit i want to eat so badly but afraid to touch it.

i know…i’m scared for myself too.


4 thoughts on “poisonous fruit

  1. So, I was reluctant to read the series. Vampires are not really my thing, but after a friend gave me her book she told me to just give it a chance. Now I am in the same boat as you. I quickly read the first 3 and have yet to start the fourth. Do I read it to find out the rest of the story or do I hold off so I have something to look forward to later.

  2. Read it!! Oh… it’s so good and I need someone to talk to about it. The feeling of wanting more does not go away but we have all of the blogs and the movies. So, read up.

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