santa cruz half marathon 2009 recap

i had been dealing with an upset stomach for about 2 weeks. i knew the anxiety of the looming race was wearing thin on my nerves. sometime last week i realized that i wasn’t going to hit the time i wanted and finally decided to let myself off the hook. i just didn’t train hard enough. so i can’t expect my body to over preform. so i told myself if i could just stay under 135 minutes i would be happy. i wanted to enjoy the race, the scenery and my first experience running 13.1. miles. that’s right…i never ran that far in my training. the longest run ever was 12 miles.

first off…if you ever plan to run a race…you have got to do it somewhere beautiful. the views of the ocean we incredible. one thing not incredible…hills. i even knew better than that. oh well. i live in sacramento for crying out loud. it is flat here. i went to the bathroom before the race, and wore the right underwear. hallelujah. 

i decided to stop at every drink spot and get rehydrated. nice choice in the blazing heat. but i only took small sips so didn’t have to pee later.

all-in-all i am happy with myself. and jasen too! he did so awesome!

view from the cliff. we ended on the beach.

me showing of my medal.


me asking nicely for some more yummy red powerade.


here we are…hot…tired…and hungry.



5 thoughts on “santa cruz half marathon 2009 recap

  1. Just found your site and read your 2009 recap. So great to hear the SC 1/2 was a great first half marathon. I ran the 10K last year, got sidelined by shin splints and am hopeful to give the half a try this year. Hearing how well you did encourages me! 🙂

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