my small world is getting smaller.

this is a pretty irrelevant post…but important to me none.the.less. read on if you wish.

jasen and i have been hooked on the new season of 90210 where jennie garth has reprised her role as kelly taylor. (thank goodness!) we are also hooked on the series of twilight and now the budding movie enterprise. i am a big fan of vampire patriarch Dr. Carlisle Cullen…and just found out the the actor who plays him in the movie, peter facinelli, is married to jennie garth.


yes…i am completely aware of my sickness. but this is my blog, so there.


One thought on “my small world is getting smaller.

  1. your poor husband. look at what this blog keeps doing to him. oh, jasen… first twilight, then the john mayer-love affair, now this… we won’t call on tuesday nights anymore. wouldn’t want to interrupt this very important show.

    hope house stuff has a positive note- looking forward to hearing… you guys need good news. look at what all of this is driving you to… 🙂 ahhahahah

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