nike+, nike+ mini and a celebration


yesterday (april 22) marked 2 years of running for me. i know i owe my new found love and hobby to nike+. since april 22, 2007 i have recored the following stats into my nike+ account:

nike+ definitely has some accuracy issues…but i still love it . i guess you really have to be on top of calibrating your pace. who has time for that? so for christmas i received ::


forerunner205i really love training with this watch. it is so very, very accurate and very helpful for race and training pacing. however…i am building a very sexy tan line on my wrist. 

in two years i have been fortunate to run in several races:

november 2007 – 5K run to feed the hungry :: sacramento, ca
november 2008- 10K run to feed the hungry :: sacramento, ca
february 2009- 4 mile valentine run :: sacramento, ca
april 2009- 1/2 marathon :: santa cruz, ca


(i thought in leu of earth day i would recycle some old pictures of previous posts.) here i am celebrating running over 1,000 miles in 2008.

i keep tossing the idea of a marathon this year. i just feel so intimidated. what a way to end 2009.

for 2009 i have the following races officially scheduled:

april 2009- 5K run roklin :: rocklin, ca
may 2009- 1/2 marathon american river park :: sacramento, ca
october 2009- nike women’s 1/2 marathon :: san francisco, ca

let me know if you will be there too! just ask lisa…i am really good at finding people at the race.


One thought on “nike+, nike+ mini and a celebration

  1. Im so proud of my digital running friend! PS I covet your Garmin…woot! Those are amazing. Ive wanted one for years.

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