what the read?

so i think i have figured out when people actually read my blog. (since i have a stats tracker…i can tell what websites or posts generate the most flow…pretty cool.)

here they are: (in no particular order)

*when i write about toilet seat covers, or toilets or how to use a toilet seat cover…i only touched one this topic twice…and i get more hits on this topic. i am talking EVERY SINGLE DAY. seriously people…why are you googling “how to use a toilet seat cover?” you need help. in case you don’t find your answer…here we go…listen carefully.
step 1: pull out the cover from the wall
step 2: place toilet seat cover on toilet
step 3: proceed as usual. (i will remind you to pull down your pants before beginning…cause obviously you need help being reminded of the more simpler things in life.)

toilet safety is near and dear to me: here are the previous posts: i heart toilet seat covers and toilet safety :: never take it for granted.

*no school. who doesn’t love no school? obviously blog readers! no school.

*and now…twilight. i know! i am already one of those famous twilight bloggers. i even had a twitterer? a twit? a twat? twerp? whatever they are called…post my last link how to deal with a twilight fanatic on their twilight fan feed page on twitter. they are not following me (nor i them) so i must not be THAT interesting.

and lastly:

*when i shamelessly post links on my facebook page leading people to my blog.


so thank you all for your interest in the blog…keep reading…and i will try to be interesting. or relevant. or twilighterific. not to mention safe from all public toilet diseases.


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