2009 parkway half marathon

i think i am a little crazy…i know. i know…you knew that already.

i figured since i had already worked SO hard training for the santa cruz half marathon on april 19th…that i might as well go local and conquer the sacramento parkway half marathon as well…2 weeks later (may 2). and i did. and it rained. and i saw great friends (who did awesome!) and i beat my personal best. actually i beat my time from 2 weeks ago by 6 minutes. i am pretty proud of myself. i am just imagining what i could do if i trained harder…

ahh well..next time.

jasen…who did NOT train (of course) pulled out his personal best for the 5k. nice.

here i am sooo close to the finish line. i was very happy to be done. very, very happy. i thought that last mile was going to kill me. literally…i did.

here is a picture of jenn and i after the race. it was her first half marathon. (you know since i am so experienced with it being my second and all.) she killed it!

i have promised my legs and joints a small break for a while. they keep reminding me of my promise.


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