krazy for kauzbots

we have some amazing friends doing some amazing work.

meet the kauzbots: (well, this is kalvin.)

Picture 5

About Kauzbots
We are a team of friends, artists, and former pastors who are passionate about inspiring kids and adults to change the world – one kause at a time.
We believe in the power of people of all ages to make a positive impact.
We communicate national and global needs with tangible next steps.
We inspire ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference.
We partner with quality non-profits to provide needed resources.
And…and we love robots!
Purchase a Kauzbot (or accompanying apparel) and 10% of the retail price is donated to the kauze close to that robot’s heart.

you can purchase these fantastic “stuffed” robots each with a different name and cause it supports. here is a list of different non-profits they work with:

Homeless Moms & Their Children :: Hearts of Gold
Clean Drinking Water :: Lifewater International
Environment/Trees :: Arbor Day Foundation
Autism :: Talk About Curing Autism
Refugee Relief :: International Rescue Committee
Pediatric End of Life Care ::George Mark Children’s House
Pediatric Oral Health :: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation
Breast Cancer :: Breast Cancer Network of Strength
World Hunger :: in negotiation. 10% of the sale price from Karissa will be used to benefit a designated non-profit when it has been chosen.

you can learn more about the bots and their non-profits here.

check out the full site here.


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