a prideful weekend.

thanks to all of you who shared your opinions here or on facebook. you girls sure know your pride. now, here are my “well educated” thoughts on the matter.

in either movie…mr. collins is a creepy, creepy man.

:: 1995 ::
it was nice to see the women so…ahem…healthy looking.
i loved the relationship developed between lizzy and mr. bennet. i missed that in the newer version.
i felt bingley was the best character on film. funny and admiring. however, i wanted someone to slap him to see if the smile would go away.
i grew very tired of 15 year old lydia’s boobies bouncing around everywhere. no wonder she ends up living in sin; you shameful girl.
i felt miss. bingley was perfectly cast. her shrewd features matched her rigid, abrasive and nasty personality.
please put mrs. bennet’s voice on mute. the obnoxious screeching, ugh…the obnoxious screeching. what did she have yell everything? 5 hours of that was quite enough, thank you. could you imagine such a mother? i surely hope not.

:: 2005 ::
holy cinematography. stunning.
i felt like it was basically cliff notes of the book. typical movie adaptations.
mr. bingly played such a goof, with stupid laughing and felt more like a prince harry look-a-like. why was he always stuttering? to-to-today, junior.
keira knightley’s upper lip did not seem to operate properly. is that normal for her? why didn’t it move? it’s like it’s stuck to her teeth. someone give the poor girl a glass of water.
jane bennet was too pretty. maybe because the other jane…well, was not so handsome.
holy knockers mr. wickham. you are gorge. too bad you are a slime ball. that figures.
now when mr. darcy comes forth from the fog and they speak in the glowing yellow sunlight…i became a puddle of mush all over the couch. clean up, aisle one.
best line…”mrs. darcy…mrs. darcy…mrs. darcy…mrs. darcy.”

best. ending. ever.


i think it is safe to say that i fancied both mr. darcys equally. for different reasons.

as someone suggested, both movies are excellent. now off to pride and prejudice and zombies…


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