summer reading list

i have decided to dedicate my whole summer reading list to “guilty pleasures.” i really don’t have much “brain worthy” material…however…it shall be entertaining.

i need to finish 2 books i have started:

those being:



i really need to finishing breaking dawn. i need the closure and samantha walton may crucify me if i don’t.

next…(and maybe a little ambitious) the harry potter series.

harry potter septet.jpg

all 4,175 pages of it. i figured i should finish…my brain is already turned to mush because the twilight series.


“the host” by stephanie meyer. i love her. bless her hard work and beautiful mind.

so i have zombies, vampires, werewolfs, sorcerers, mythical/magical creatures and aliens. i think that covers it. should lead to some very interesting dreams no doubt.


5 thoughts on “summer reading list

  1. I am so excited… twilight and harry potter?? wow… we have so much to share with you. Oh, and the midnight showings…happy day!

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