you should be better than that, my dear.

we have lived in our amazingly fabulous house for about 2 weeks. maybe 3. we moved during memorial day weekend when i was still in school and had report cards to do. however…no one can truly function, by no one i mean me, in a house without the necessities unpacked. therefore, i worked really hard trying to get the kitchen and bathroom unpacked. successful? yes.

bedrooms unpacked? no. office unpacked? no. to give myself credit, things are out of boxes and strewn everywhere. semi-unpacked? check. it is better to have things checked off than not i say.

we decided to sell off most of our furniture. most of the things we sold were cabinets. i take that back. EVERYTHING we have sold were cabinets…so the things in the boxes have no where to go! since buying a house completely disintegrates your life savings…we had to use the profits of the furniture to pay for the ever-so-expensive plumbing issues we have been faced. i am so thankful we had the money on hand to pay for that little beauty. by beauty i mean rotten piece of crap. in the literal sense of course.

so if you see me, don’t ask me if we are unpacked. no we are not. and do not judge me because i am not unpacked and not working. yes, i have the time. as i have stated, we have no where to unpack to. so until i have saved enough money to buy what we need…we will live out of boxes and be okay with that.

ugh. who am i kidding.


2 thoughts on “you should be better than that, my dear.

  1. you are the most SELFISH person i have ever seen, talk about UNGRATEFUL!!!! do you have any idea how many people don’t have jobs or have lost their homes? CHECK YOURSELF!!! YOUR A BRAT!

  2. Amanda, don’t pay any mind to people who can’t spell “you’re” correctly and leave anonymous comments on blogs. LAME. I think moving is always hard and living out of boxes is brutal. I feel your pain.

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