free hbo!

i am glad we don’t get hbo reguarly. it is a naughty network…i am still amazed the things they can get away with…on “premium cable” or not. however…since we had a free preview weekend, we were able to watch some good and not so naughty shows. (the others we just gave up on and turned off.)

first movie (and i highly recommend) ::

run fat boy run


the screenplay was written by michael ian black and was directed by david schwimmer. the premiss :: a man (simon pegg) leaves his pregnant fiance at the alter. then decides to run a marathon to win back her love from her current boyfriend.

next, i watched waitress:


i love free movie weekends!


3 thoughts on “free hbo!

  1. I loved Run Fat Boy Run!!! I was laughing out loud so many times when I saw that. We’ve been watching a lot of movies lately, but none of them have been so memorable. I need a good life changing movie to see. Any recommendations?

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