running booty shorts.

Photo 8

you know when you see skinny girls wearing things and you think to yourself, “i wonder what i would look like in that?”

i had one of those moments.

running in hot weather is a…well…you know. everything i put on is too hot, too uncomfortable. then i saw my possible answer on a teeny fitness instructor at del norte.

running booty shorts! hallelujah! i brought them home and jasen says, “you did try them on, right?” riigghht…

if i close my eyes and peek through the sides…the shorts look fine. not teeny fitness instructor fine…more like middle/average weight girl fine. with a little cellulite. but you can hardly see it if you close your eyes and peek through the sides ever-so-slightly.

in triple digit weather…i just don’t care any more.


3 thoughts on “running booty shorts.

  1. Amanda! I was just thinking the same thing! I saw a girl at the coffee shop with those on, and thought, ‘Hmmmm…I wonder how ridiculous I would look in those.’ How do you like them?
    By the way, love to read your blog 🙂

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