life from the mountain top.

ahhh…breathing the breezy clean mountain air. jasen and i have been up at pondo for 2 days now. it is amazing how it feels as though we never left. like we are coming back home from a long vacation. nice feeling. most of our “old” (i use that term loosely) friends are here, were here (kyle smith!), or will be here. at this moment we shed a little tear for our friend stacey who is not here. we miss you and are not having any fun without you.

jasen has formed a band that is mighty good for never playing together. matt (my brother) is on drums, jeff wetherell on guitar, keys and vocals, cara on cello, keys and vocals, and our new friend danny on bass. they play loud. they play rock. they play without shoes. (well at least jasen.)
i have been trying to keep my running up. i have to say…the weather is amazing. however…in over 6,000 elevation…i am having some breathing issues. my legs feel great, but i can not catch my breath. have i mentioned the hill? no no…hill is not right…mountain more like? so high elevation and steep climbs…i am only putting in 2 miles a day. i know, right? pathetic. but i figured exploded lungs may be an expensive fix.

i have been getting headaches recently and i usually blame it on coffee…which is a sad excuse. but i have been wondering if it was the altitude, so i have been trying to drink a ton of water too. which means i am needing to use the restroom often. which means i need to stick close to certain restrooms. even if that means walking up the chalet hill 16 times. i have learned there are several restrooms to be avoided due to personal preference.

too much?

there is no tent this year. what an adjustment. but it is not bad…just different. but i do say…i miss it. even though it gets cold and dusty.

now we just need for allie to get here.


One thought on “life from the mountain top.

  1. As the former camp nurse, I suggest you drink a lot of water. That’s the answer to everything. Oh kid, you have a splinter? Here, drink water. You have rope burn from kajabi? Have some water. You got stung by a bee? Water will help it. Ah, I miss camp life.

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