4 years

jasen and i have been married 4 years ago today. it has been the best 4 years of my life and i am excited for 40 more years together.

we decided to forgo gifts this year and take the more homemade non-traditional route. we each made a playlists with songs that remind us of each other. here are our lists:


the new year :: death cab for cutie
dream on :: aerosmith
declaration :: david cook
complicated :: avril lavigne
because of you :: kelly clarkson
headlock :: imogen heap
green light :: john legend
dirt off your shoulder :: jay-z
i feel it all :: feist
call to love :: crooked fingers
orange sky :: alexi murdoch
volcano :: damien rice
stations :: denison witmer
chicago :: mat kearney
let sirens rest :: now it’s overhead
my slumbering heart :: rilo kiley
boombox :: the lonely island
that’s not my name :: the ting tings

extended version** (aka the songs that would not fit on the cd)

chicago :: sufjan stevens
waking up in vegas :: katy perry
battle of life :: decatree


red rover :: rosie thomas
kissing the lipless :: the shins
the good that won’t come out :: rilo kiley
wonderful scar :: now it’s overhead
bruised :: the bens
blacking out the friction :: death cab for cutie
one angry dwarf :: ben folds
white lights will bend to make blue :: azure ray
7 keys :: aqualung
delicate :: damien rice
springtime indiana :: sandra mccracken
my love :: justin timberlake
all i want for christmas is you :: mariah carey
hurricanes :: au revoir simone
quiet as a mouse :: margo and the nuclear so and sos
sunshine :: matt costa
aint no other man :: christina aguilera
say (all i need) :: john mayer
flightless bird, american mouth :: iron and wine



3 thoughts on “4 years

  1. What a wonderful day that was! I’m so glad to have been a part of it, and I think you guys are just perfect together. You’re hands down my favorite couple I have ever known…and I’m not just sayin that. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! Nate and I just celebrated 6 years on Sunday. Isn’t it amazing how married life seems like forever but at the same time, flies by?
    Much love to you and Jasen 🙂

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