magical half marathon 2009

oh. my. disney.

i think this half marathon was the most fun i have ever had. as only disney could do, of course. even a 6 am start time in pitch black was exciting.


see…just look at me. i am so excited.

here is the start sign before the race…


and the sign after they blow it up.



here i am getting ready to cross the finish line. i didn’t get any pictures during the race, but when i do it again…i plan to have more fun with it and stop and take pictures. it was the most noncompetitive race…people were stopping along the way taking pictures at all the mile markers and characters they saw. however…i definitely would have stopped if i saw zac efron.

who wouldn’t?

the race brought you through disneyland and california adventure. around every turn was a surprise. characters, floats. parades, you name it. running around california adventure you came across a HUGE high school musical stage with all the dancers and singers having a big ‘ol inspirational party. no wonder kids are addicted to that crack.

throughout the streets of anaheim, high school marching bands, cheer squads, and authentic cultural dancers lined the way. there was never a dull second. after mile 9 was your entrance into the angels stadium which hosted a roaring crowd, announcers and a huge cheering section. it was such an overwhelming experience that i forgot to keep breathing. (which usually an important part while running…or so they tell me.)

if you look really closely to the stolen picture off the disney website…you can see that i am high fiving pluto. you read that right. how many times can you say you have high fived a dog standing on 2 legs after a race?

very few…i assure you.

Screen shot 2009-09-14 at 9.48.17 PM


here is the finish. yes…i did finish the half marathon in 51 minutes. hahahaha. actually i missed out on a competitive time for myself due to a semi-major bathroom mishap. i will not go into to details. i was not soiled…but i had a few complications.

and i have said too much.


here i am with my 35 pounds of disney bling. i actually saw people walking around with this necklace at the park. i was proud too…but no amount of neck trauma was worth it for me. i was comforted by the fact of my subtle limping would stand me out in the crowd as a silent, yet understated victor.

here is my 30,000 opportunity for a photo. who could resist?


4 thoughts on “magical half marathon 2009

  1. Good job! What an incredible way to enjoy the park and make a memory. I’m felling a bit inspired. Way to go – your a superstar!

  2. How fun!!! That is totally inspiring. I can’t wait to get back in shape after the baby comes. I miss running (even if it’s on the treadmill at the gym). FANTASTIC job!

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