needs to be interested. or interesting…

or maybe needs to be napping.

september has blown by in a whirlwind. which is fine by me since i can’t wait to put up my halloween decorations. i peeked in the boxes a week ago and forgot about all the goodies i bought on sale after halloween last year. warm fuzzies of excitement shoot down my spine as i think of it.

i can hold out for one more day.

october is a crazy month full of fun. half marathon in san francisco, u2 in vegas, monterey/carmel field trip and a pumpkin carving halloween party.

i have been doing some reading about the nike women’s half/full marathon in october. it may be in competition with the disney half. i hear there is a chocolate station at mile 11. you read that right…CHOCOLATE STATION. plus firefighters in tuxes hand you a little necklace at the finish line.

you know…if you are into that stuff.


One thought on “needs to be interested. or interesting…

  1. Hi Friend,
    I thought I would finally leave you a note…I love your Halloween decorations. I will need to come see your new house the next time I come up!
    Hope all is well.


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