the blackest of fridays.

first off…i’m not one to judge…because the age old example of one finger pointing out with 3 pointing back definitely rings true in my life.

however “black friday” is frightening. i am always up for saving money…but to what extent? i read an interesting quote about it today:

16% more people will be heading out to the stores to do their holiday shopping.

That’s good news for our flailing economy and to have 57 million people buying crap they don’t really need would certainly boost some moral in retail.

let us all make a deal to NOT buy crap we don’t need.


One thought on “the blackest of fridays.

  1. Deal. I actually wanted to only buy one thing for each kid and do more as a family then open tons of presents that the kids won’t appreciate in a week or gets thrown in the corner. I thought after opening our one present, we would all go watch a movie together. Like, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Squeakel

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