where have i been?

have you forgotten about me? or given up on me?

i wish i would take the time to write out all the cleaver ideas/stories which formulate in my head. instead i will be satisfied with the random weirdos people i do not know searching my blog for posts about westies, toilet seat covers, free hbo, or achilles tendonitis. it is so random how the most obscure posts are searched and read.

fine by me. read away.

i am off topic…the answer to my question. where HAVE i been?

marathon training. that is right. sunday, december 6th.

wish me luck.


One thought on “where have i been?

  1. Good luck on Sunday!! Are you running the marathon in Vegas? What a fun place to run a marathon. Think I need to add it to my schedule. Well, Vegas or any number of other places…GOOD LUCK!! Hope you do GREAT!! – Heather

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